Shaping our
own destiny.
We are a change agent dedicated to protecting the rights of
low to moderate income residents of the sea islands, socially,
economically, and culturally.
Our ServicesPast Events
Fighting against racism
and prejudice
Facilitating the growth
of small businesses
The South Carolina Coastal Community Development Corporation
was created to help further the lives and environment of the people
in the SCC community.
We provide the tools and resources for small businesses to grow and
find their footing in the ever-growing and competitive world of
business operations and management.
Advocacy and Human RightsCurb DisplacementFighting racial discrimination, prejudice, and preserving
the natural environment of the SCCC Community.
Preventing community destruction caused by destructive
developments in African-American owned land.
Incubate IdeasEconomic and Educational GrowthWe provide furnished offices, phones, internet, and
conference rooms for micro and small businesses.
We help raise the economic and educational levels
of the underprivileged residents of our economy.
We help the
community build
We are active participants in the community that
allows us to do what we do.
Business IncubatingAdministrative AssistanceIndustrial KitchenCommunity EventsResource RoomFood Center
Fully furnished
industrial kitchen
St. Helena Food Center is an affordable, fully
furnished and licensed commercial kitchen.
Accessible to low income residentsEstablish food businessesprepare large volumes of food for special activitiesLearn More
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